Asia Tour – Jakarta, Bali, Hong Kong

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It is always a pleasure to play in Asia and pleasantly surprised that music really has no boundaries and people love to party wherever you are in the world. Also thanks to people such as Yudha who hosted us at the Playground festival now in its 5th year, the music lovers of Jakarta have been well-informed with good music. In fact we played at the first Playground festival back in 2006!

Enough reminiscing!!! The party, despite the rain was off the scale. The punters were not put off and partied til the early hours. We did our thing and due to the humidity which made the stage too slippery to dance on, we took it to the floor in true oldschool fashion where some sexy girl did a routine with us (correct) and some dude just kept on wanting to battle Archerio (not correct). Let him do his thing! DICK!

Afterwards we partied on in Kampus then Stadium. This is the club where you can party non-stop from Thursday night til Monday morning NON-STOP if you so wish it. There’s a place for food, even rooms for sleeping in if you get a bit partied out (or wanting to do naughty things). Alas we had to leave at 11am as we had a flight to catch at 13:30…..


Thanks also to DJ Leno for hooking me up with some excellent Sate Ayam, gado-gado and the best record shopping at Jalan Surabaya.

sate ayam and some amazing soup!

Bali is probably my favourite place in the world. Relax yes, surf yes, party yes, food yes, cheapness yes, nature yes, nice people yes!!!

The gig at Mbargo was again a lot of fun with the local Bboy crew coming down to rep with us. Enough respect!!!! Thanks to Justin and Natalie at Mbargo and Naren repping from KL.

Given it at MBargo

HK never ceases to surprise me at how cheap everything is. It was a food fest every single day! Big up to the shrimp wonton noodle dude across the road from the hotel serving the best noodles in town. Also, if anyone is still arsed enough to be looking for Cazals or Neostyles, head for HK because there’s still plenty knocking around lying around from the 80s. Obviously I picked up the best of the bunch…..

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