Bestival en Toronto!


Ola friends of mine.
What can I say. The inaugural Bestival Toronto was undoubtedly a huge success.

The Torontonian’s definitely were up for the mind bummings of Los hermanos Cubanos, the kissing and sexy dancing was plentiful. Unfortunately Kenny is still a bastard! “When I say Kenny!”¬†You now what to say!
Good on Toronto good on Bestival. Good on us. Good on everyone!! BESTIVAL CREW! MAKE SOME!!!!!

British Summer Time!


Its almost BST time again. This years line up for British Summer Time Hyde Park is off los scalehausen. _DSC1112---[ARTISTS,-CARNIVAL]
BST hosts, Los Hermanos Cubanos (that would be our very selves!! STRAIGHT IN!!) are looking forward to performing alongside The Strokes, Blur, Grace Jones, Chic, Kylie, The Who, Paul Weller, Kaiser Chiefs, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding and many many more friends of mine!! LEVELS

See you in the park #sexyfavors #itstoohotmiguel #ALLOWIT

Glastonbury 2014!


No, there are no pictures for this post – most of them are blurry, and a couple of pictures of band members famously melting themselves some time between the hours of 6am-midday around the Stone Circle, with Kenny passing wrapped in black bin liner and Miguel doing the sundance around the standing stones. Let’s just say
REWIND 12 hours – the shows we did were simply awesome! A great turnout and people had sought us out at the Theatre and Cabaret stage to give us a really big turnout – so thank you every single one of you who came to show love. We had a lot of fun, and the energy was unusually high!
Also shout out to all the getinvolved crew coming through and all the amazing party people we met on the way. Predictably we spent a lot of time at Maceo’s absolutely melt-faced. Well, it’s Glastonbury after all!!

Soho Radio London 2-4pm


ob_1fe36c_img-1112Last month, we started a radio show!!! We didn’t want to tell you until we got the ball rolling properly but 2 months in, we can truly say we’ve found our feet.
“Good Morning Havana” with the Cuban Brothers is now every Wednesday 2-4pm on
Do check it out! Full of banter, nonsense, quality music and guest interviews – and of course, everyone’s favourite “Lovely Dogs” section, you won’t be disappointed!

The Gumball Rally 2014 Miami 2 Ibiza!


We’ve been involved with the Gumball Rally for almost 10 years now. There’s been many stories and legends which we won’t go into here – but if you do see Miguel one day, ask him for a story!
This year, we could only make the parties in London and Ibiza – and what parties they were.
On Sunday, we welcomed the cars that were arriving from Edinburgh via Manchester. Regent Street in the very heart of the West End had been closed off. There was a stage erected for us, a skate park was also created for the day right in the middle of the street and Regent Street was OURS so to speak.

Miguel on Regent Street stage

On Wednesday we flew into Ibiza to catch the cars landing from Barcelona – and then onto a pool party at the new Destino resort alongside Bun B, Dallas Green, Tinie Tempah and Deadmau5 til the early hours….

The goal!!! Miami to Ibiza ends here!

Running around in Cambodia!!


While on tour, we took some time out to experience the joys of what each country offers. Here’s Miguel in action with the local aerobics workout on the Mekong River.

Splore Festival – a festival on the beach!


When it comes to festivals, few can rival the location of New Zealand’s Splore Festival. Set inside Tapapakanga National Park, the mainstage is right on the beach as well as a host of smaller stages.

With amazing weather, spirits were high. Two years ago we had played the same festival alongside Erykah Badu, Hudson Mohawke and Africa Hitech. This time we returned for a Saturday night show with a slot between the Orb and Adam Freeland.

Vibe was immense!! We threw in some Kiwi specials just for this festival including Howard Morrison quartet’s Po Kare Kare Ana and finishing the set with Dave Dobbyn’s “Slice of Heaven” – we had everyone singing along. Chuuuuuur everybody! Once again shout outs to the whole Splore crew from Amanda, John Minty, Mere, Duane… Also shout outs to all the artists we got to break bread with Latin Aotearoa, Funkommunity, Ty, Shortee Blitz, Black Twang. Good times!

Miguel and Splore

G’day ‘Stralia!!!


It’s that time again we hit the southern hemisphere for our annual pilgrimage of the antipodes.

Hosting us once again were Pacha in Sydney and The Espy in Melbourne. Thanks as always to all our fun loving party people.

We spent some great times breaking bread with our friends in St. Kilda and also on Bondi, catching some waves early in the morning and enjoying the sunset in the evening. The weather was PERFECT!

Special thanks to boys at Central Station who will be releasing our album Yo Bonita in Australia and also to KISS FM, Melbourne for having us in their studio.

KISS FM HQ, Melbourne